Luxe Gold - Sparkles and Confetti Personalised Engraved Hanger


Vendor: Bow and Willow
AUD 17.00
D E S C R I P T I O N A personalised Wedding Hanger featuring two hand chosen modern fonts, customised toyour desired names and phrases.This hanger is designed...


A personalised Wedding Hanger featuring two hand chosen modern fonts, customised to

your desired names and phrases.

This hanger is designed for the fun bride who loves laughter, sparkles and confetti.

H O W   T O   C U S T O M I S E

For simplicity, we’ve created the following template for you to copy and paste

into the text box under “Engraving Details”. 

1. (Adult/Child)

Front Centre Engraving Top Line: 

Front Centre Engraving Bottom Line:

Left Arm Engraving:

Right Arm Engraving:

Just duplicate this template for the number of hangers you have and paste into the text box

provided when going to purchase.

There is no limit to how many characters you can have on your hanger. We recommend an

average of 5-15 characters for best results. Once you have checked out, please ensure you

specify how you want your text to be written Eg: "Jess" Upper-case first letter and lower-case

remaining letters, "JESS" all upper-case or "jess" all lower-case. Text will be engraved exactly

as you have written it including all capitals, lower-case and special characters, we cannot

offer a replacement if a name has been accidentally mistyped by you.

P R O D U C T I O N   A N D   S H I P P I N G   T I M E S

Please allow 3-5 BUSINESS days for production.

Please allow a further 2-6 BUSINESS days for shipping within Australia

and up to 10 business days shipping internationally. International orders do not come with

a tracking number.

*Please note that slight variations in colour may be depicted in real life compared to your

computer monitor. As this is a natural wood product, please note that natural knots and

grains can disrupt or cause small cracks in the paint on painted hangers or cause colour

variations on unpainted wood surfaces. We endeavour to ensure that all our hangers go

out in the best possible condition.